Our experts know how to help build and streamline your business knowledge process

Expert services for notifiers

Clento Oy specializes in understanding and developing the customer knowledge process. Our experts are familiar with the requirements of the Anti Money Laundering Act and GDPR and are able to help you build an effective onboarding and monitoring business model for your business.


Streamlining the approach

Clento helps your company build an operating model that allows customer knowledge to be seamlessly integrated into your company's day-to-day operations.

Permit applications

The companies supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority must accurately describe the customer knowledge process in their license application. Clento will build a business model that works for your company and help you prepare a permit application.



Clento specializes in solutions where the proper storage and deletion of information plays an important role. We help your company design comprehensive solutions that handle sensitive information seamlessly in accordance with the laws and regulations.

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Sanctions list checks

Sanctions list revisions are essential for multinational companies, and especially for financial actors. Clento interfaces allow checks to be seamlessly integrated into your customer management systems.


Law, security and sales

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