We have large and small players in many industries as customers.

Customer experiences

Experiences from our customers whose privacy is important to us.

The introduction of the system helped us get rid of Excel and Word documents. This saved a considerable number of man-hours compared to previous manual methods. At the same time, work related to data retention and deletion were also handled. The risk assessment of the notifier can now also be prepared directly within the system.
ESAVI supervised experiences
We received significant assistance from Clento in interpreting the law and putting our own processes in order. Despite the training, there was much to learn in the interpretation and practical application of the Anti Money Laundering Act. The Clento SAAS service creates a clear process where the obligations of the Anti Money Laundering Act will be handled efficiently and always in the same way.
The experiences of the financial supervisor
With Clento, we created a quick and straightforward process for our accounting firm to verify the identity of our client’s representative and gather the necessary customer knowledge information. Clento’s approach is comprehensive and takes into account all the requirements of the Anti Money Laundering Act. Understanding and applying the Anti Money Laundering Act is a real challenge for a fast-growing accounting firm. Fortunately, Clento had thought about it.
Experiences from an accounting firm
I've looked at Clento service, and I think that it corresponds well with our type of SME needs. First of all, it was surprising to find that our industry is subject to reporting obligations and indeed our company is subject to statutory requirements that we were not prepared to meet, and in particular to demonstrate compliance with. With the Clento service, compliance is easy and because the data is stored reliably, we are also able to demonstrate that our own obligation has been met if required.
Business consultant experiences
The Anti Money Laundering Act has been integrated into a software in a really clever way. Clento significantly speeds up the KYC procedures.
Comment from a lawyer providing legal services

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