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The Clento product family has the right solution for your business needs. All of our products are designed so that you do not need other systems to handle statutory obligations.

Electronic identification of a person
  • Banks' online banking IDs and mobile identification
Ready made information request form
  • Pre-built information request forms take into account private individuals and all corporate structures
Searching for information in public registers
  • Trade register extract, financial statements, right of representation and other necessary entries
Sanction list checks
  • UN, EU, OFAC, Finnish National Bureau of Investigations and OFSI HM Treasury
Deletion of data in accordance with GDPR
  • The system notifies you when it is time to delete data
Customized emails
  • You can customize the emails sent to the customer to match the look of your business
Customized information requests
  • The specific needs of your company can be taken into account with customized information request forms
Signature of documents
  • An electronic record of your customer's approval in your document
Importing data from an external system
  • Data can be imported either as a separate file or via an interface
Biometric identification of a person
  • A foreign customer can be quickly identified with a biometric identification device
Assignment - specific risk assessment
  • Individual client’s assignment-specific risk assessment
Two-way interface
  • Allows Clento to act as a back end

Clento will check the information of your customer and, if necessary, your customer’s partners against sanctions lists. The lists to be checked are the EU sanctions list, the UN sanctions list, the list of frozen funds of the Finnish National Bureau of Investigations and UK´s list OFSI HM Treasury.

The identity of the customer’s representative is verified by electronic identification. Electronic identification can be done via online banking or a mobile identification.

The identity of a foreign person who does not have a Finnish personal identity number can be verified using biometric identification. For identification, the person needs a device equipped with a camera (computer or smartphone) and a photo ID.

The risks of the customer portfolio are summed up in the risk summary. This gives an overall picture of the risk for the entire customer base and helps to target the necessary specific actions to the right direction.

An information request to be sent to the customer asking the customer for basic information.

The request for information may be tailored to meet the notifier’s own specific needs

The notifier can customize the covering note sent with the information request

Employees need to understand what money laundering is, how it occurs and what measures the must take to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Import customer data from another system via an interface or a file.

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